Minutes of Local Representation Advisory Committee (Ashfield) held at Ashfield Service Centre on Tuesday 14 June 2016


The meeting commenced at 6.30pm.


Members:                     Lucille McKenna OAM (Chairperson)

Morris Mansour (Deputy Chairperson) Ted Cassidy PSM

Mark Drury Alex Lofts Julie Passas Vittoria Raciti Adriano Raiola Max Raiola Caroline Stott

Jeanette (Mei) Wang Monica Wangmann


Other Attendees:

Richard Pearson



Vanessa Chan

Interim General Manager


Matthew Phillips

Director Corporate Services, Leichhardt


Nellette Kettle

Director Corporate & Community Services, Ashfield


Simone Schwarz

Director Community Services, Marrickville

Cathy Edwards-Davis Director Works & Infrastructure, Ashfield Phil Sarin                            Director, Planning & Environment, Ashfield Darryl Watkins                       Project Director, KJA

Popy Mourgelas          Manager Corporate Governance, Ashfield Tanya Whitmarsh        Manager Governance & Risk, Marrickville

Ian Naylor                    Manager Governance & Administration, Leichhardt

Helen Tola                   Manager Customer Service & Corporate Planning, Leichhardt


1.                   Welcome by Administrator


2.                   Acknowledgement of Country


3.                   Apologies:       Nil.


4.                   Disclosures of Interest:        Nil.


5.                   Election of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson:


Nomination: Stott/Mansour

That Lucille McKenna OAM to be appointed as Chairperson

Those in favour of Lucille McKenna OAM nomination as Chairperson (7) Wangmann, Wang, Mansour, McKenna, Drury, Stott, McKenna


Nomination: Passas/Raciti

That Ted Cassidy PSM to be appointed as Chairperson

Those in favour of Ted Cassidy PSM nomination as Chairperson (5) – A Raiola, M Raiola, Raciti, Cassidy PSM, Passas


Lucille McKenna was appointed as Chairperson by majority vote.

Nomination: McKenna/Stott

That Morris Mansour to be appointed as Deputy Chairperson

Those in favour of Morris Mansour nomination as Deputy Chairperson (7) Wangmann, Wang, Mansour, McKenna, Drury, Stott, McKenna


Nomination: Passas/Raciti

That Ted Cassidy PSM to be appointed as Deputy Chairperson

Those in favour of Ted Cassidy PSM nomination as Deputy Chairperson (5) A Raiola, M Raiola, Raciti, Cassidy PSM, Passas.


Morris Mansour was appointed Deputy Chairperson by majority vote.


6.                   Items for consideration by LRAC

Item 1 - Terms of Reference for Local Representation Advisory Committees


1.      That the Terms of Reference for the Local Representation Advisory Committees (LRACs) be noted and the following feedback be provided to the Administrator:-


·         The quorum be amended to five (5) members.

·         That Clause 6 be amended to include the words on behalf of the Council after “are not permitted to speak…”

·         Remuneration should be equal for all members. The Administrator advised he proposes to continue the financial remuneration for the immediate former Mayors and Deputy Mayors as they have an enhanced role in the additional committee works and attending community/civic functions and events.

·         That future agenda papers be published in advance of the meeting to encourage feedback on matters of interest to the community.


2.      That the Administrator consider holding the Ashfield LRAC on the 2nd  Tuesday of each month.


3.      That the Administrator give consideration to holding joint meetings of LRACs for members to further discussion on matters of mutual interest and importance across the new Local Government Area.

Item 2 - Ratifying Council’s Position on Westconnex

The LRAC noted and supported the position proposed by the Administrator in relation to WestConnex as follows:


1.      That the LRAC note the following motions the Administrator is proposing to move at the next Council Meeting:-


a)    Inner West Council formally adopts a position of continued opposition in the strongest terms to the WestConnex project, both approved and future stages, consistent with the positions of the former councils of Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville.

b)   Council establishes a central WestConnex Response Unit to coordinate Council responses to resident concerns regarding impacts associated with the construction of approved stages of WestConnex, as well as submissions and representations on future stages.


c)      Council continues to press the immediate need for the Department of Planning and Environment to fund and establish a dedicated WestConnex compliance officer in the local area to respond promptly to resident issues.

d)      Council establish a regular bi-monthly forum chaired by the Administrator with representatives of all the inner west WestConnex resident action groups to discuss concerns with the project and opportunities for their resolution.

e)      A report from staff be brought forward to the next meeting of Council outlining a community engagement plan to elicit views of the broader community with regards to ways the Council can assist them with concerns regarding WestConnex.

f)       A report from staff be brought forward to the next meeting of Council which summarises the outstanding resolutions of the previous Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils regarding WestConnex and action to be taken to implement.


Item 3 - Draft Operational Plan and Budget 2016-17

A presentation was given by Matthew Phillips, Nellette Kettle and Simone Schwartz on the Draft Operational Plan and Budget 2016-17



That the LRAC note the Inner West Council Draft Operational Plan and Budget 2016-17, including Fees and Charges, noting that the document is on public exhibition until Thursday, 30 June 2016 and the following feedback be provided to the Administrator:-


·         The Administrator give consideration to waive the fees for outdoor dining until the new Council is appointed. The Administrator advised he will consider this matter in the context of weighing up the financial implications.



Item 4 - 2016 Grants and Local Representation Advisory Committee


That the LRACs note the 2016 Inner West Grants program and the following feedback be provided to the Administrator:-


·         That a joint meeting of LRACs be held to allow committee members to contribute to the development of the guidelines prior to finalisation.



Item 5 - Proposed Ashfield Commuter Carpark and Sky+Park


That the Administrator explore avenues to approach the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure in order to gain support for a partnership between Inner West Council and Transport for NSW to construct a Sky+Park on the roof top level of the proposed multi-level commuter carpark adjacent to Ashfield Station.


Question on Notice


Ted Cassidy PSM requested that the Administrator give consideration to conducting a public consultation process in relation to the proposal for rooftop level commuter carpark.

Local Representation Advisory Committee Ashfield

14 June 2016


Item 6 - WestConnex M4 East (Stage 1) Project Update on Proposed Activities


That the LRAC support the following recommendations to the Administrator:


1.      That Council strongly oppose the installation of a VMS in front of Ashfield Park.

2.      That Council oppose the installation of directional and tunnel advisory signage in front of Ashfield Park.

3.      That Council seek legal advice as to whether an easement or other legal access arrangement, and associated compensation, is required for the proposed installation of a water main through Reg Coady Reserve.

4.      That Council oppose heavy vehicles exiting the Northcote Street site (C7) onto Wattle Street and Dobroyd Parade. These heavy vehicles must exit the site directly onto Parramatta Road, in a westerly direction.

5.      That Council oppose the use of Ramsay Street and Martin Street, east of Wattle Street, as a spoil haulage route.

6.      That Council raise no objections to the proposed street lighting relocation and replacement in Wattle Street/ Dobroyd Parade, subject to all costs, including any residual value charges, being at the expense of the Joint Venture.

7.      That Council strongly oppose the use of Ashfield Park for the temporary relocation of any telecommunications tower.

8.      That Council strongly opposes any construction exit onto Bland St, Ashfield from the C10 Parramatta Rd construction site.

9.      That Council requires proper consultation and full details of how pedestrian and vehicle safety is to be ensured during the proposed temporary closure of the Bland St Bridge prior to any work commencing on it’s reconfiguration.

10.  That Council strongly opposes the use of Reg Coady Reserve as a stockpile site for spoil, or the removal of trees in the reserve for the construction of a g-loop turn for construction vehicles at Waratah St.

11.  That Council immediately receive detail of what items have been removed from demolished properties within the Haberfield Heritage Conservation Zone or from locally significant and listed properties demolished within the Ashfield construction zone; where they are now located, how they are to be conserved and stored, - and how they will be made available for community use and reinterpretation, or possible reuse by individual local residents.

12.  That Council make publicly available, via its website and library all WestConnex documentation and technical information supplied to it by SMC, RMS, and the Joint Venture builders or any other authority or agency, relating to the WestConnex project in its entirety, and any associated enabling works or ancillary site construction works. That this should include all WestConnex fact sheets, background documents, updates, notifications, maps, technical papers, project documents, industry briefing reports, background documents, planning and assessment documents, approval documents, reports and management plans.

13.  That as a matter of urgency, Council make publicly available all draft or final technical plans, construction schedules or other documents that the Inner West Council has received in relation to the New M5 Stage 2 since its approval in early February.

14.  That the Administrator reiterate Council’s serious concerns, to the Sydney Motorway Corporation, in relation to the “rat running” and increasing vehicle volumes in residential streets surrounding the new WestConnex project, particularly with regards to traffic travelling to and from the new on and off-ramps to the motorway.

15.  That the Administrator seek a meeting with the Sydney Motorway Corporation in relation to the truck routes in Haberfield area and that appropriate committee members be invited to participate in this meeting along with the relevant council staff.

                                The meeting concluded at 8.55pm.