Local Representation Advisory Committee Ashfield

9 August 2016



Minutes of the Ashfield Local Representation Advisory Committee Meeting

held at the Ashfield Service Centre on Tuesday 9 August 2016


The meeting commenced at 6.33pm.




Lucille McKenna OAM (Chairperson)                Vittoria Raciti

Morris Mansour (Deputy Chairperson)               Adriano Raiola

Ted Cassidy PSM                                               Max Raiola

Mark Drury                                                         Caroline Stott

Alex Lofts                                                            Jeanette Wang

Julie Passas                                                        Monica Wangmann


Other Attendees:    


Richard Pearson           Administrator

Phil Sarin                      Director Planning & Environment

Cathy Edwards-Davis  Director Public Works

Popy Mourgelas           Manager Corporate Governance, Ashfield

Helen Tola                    Manager Customer Service & Corporate Planning, Leichhardt

Rad Miladinovic            Coordinator Governance & Administration, Marrickville (Minute Taker)



1.       Welcome by Chair


2.       Acknowledgement of Country


3.       Apologies:  Vanessa Chan


4.       Disclosures of Interest:      

Item 2 - Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment – Project Update:

Ted Cassidy declared a conflict of interest in Item 2 as he is a member of the JRPP. He will leave the room during discussion of Item 2.


5.       Confirmation of Minutes: 

Recommendation:   DRURY / LOFTS

THAT the minutes of the 14 June 2016 Ashfield Local Representation Advisory Committee be confirmed.



6.       Items for consideration by LRAC

LA0816 Item 1    Update on Exhibition of Draft Comprehensive DCP (former Ashfield Council Area)

Motion:       CASSIDY / PASSAS

1.         THAT the LRAC receives and notes the draft comprehensive DCP (former Ashfield Council area) is on exhibition until 26 August 2016.

2.         THAT a copy of the report (that went to the Planning and Environment Committee Meeting on 19 April 2016 and to the Council Meeting on 10 May 2016) be provided to all interested Committee members.




LA0816 Item 2    Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment - Project Update

Ted Cassidy left the room having declared an interest in this item.


THAT the LRAC receives and notes the project update for the Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment.


Absent:       Cassidy    

At the Council meeting of 23 August 2016 it was resolved that LA0816 Item 2 be amended to reflect the following:

Monica Wangmann absented herself from the room during discussion of this item.


LA0816 Item 3    Ashfield Town Centre Public Domain Improvements - Progress Update

Recommendation:        LOFTS / MANSOUR   

THAT the LRAC receives and notes the progress update on the Ashfield Town Centre Public Domain Improvements.



LA0816 Item 4    Ashfield Traffic Management Strategy

Motion:       LOFTS / STOTT


1.         the Traffic Management Strategy dated 27/6/2016 for the (former) Ashfield LGA be supported in Principle with items listed in the Action Plan to be the subject of detailed investigation and further reporting through the Traffic Committee, where necessary, prior to implementation; 

2.         the 10 year Action Plan list be noted and updated annually or as required to allow new traffic management and road safety issues to be captured. The Action Plan to rank items utilising the scoring system identified in this report to prioritise measures for future implementation in line with available funding;

3.         consideration be given to commissioning an engineer’s report in relation to the proposed roundabout at the Croydon Road / Church Street intersection, noting the comments that were made on page 121 of the business paper;

4.         it be noted that the 10 year strategy has a value in today’s terms of $2.5 - 3.4M and the current provision of $40K per annum is inadequate if we are to make a difference.  Other options be explored for additional funding to accelerate the traffic management strategy actions;

5.         works in the Haberfield conservation area be referred to a heritage consultant for comment and be brought back to the Committee;

6.         an alternate traffic consideration be made for the intersection of Meta, Hennessy and Young Streets (Item 51);

7.         pedestrian access on Ramsay Street, at the newly located Post Office be investigated as a matter of priority;  and

8.         the request to install "Keep Clear" signage and line marking on Ramsay Street to support access out of Northcote Street be referred to RMS again particularly given the works associated with WestConnex  (refer to page 88 of business paper).


Meeting closed at  8.26pm.