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Local Representation Advisory Committee Leichhardt

2 August 2016









1          Welcome by Administrator


2          Acknowledgement of Country


3          Apologies


4          Disclosures of Interest (Section 451 of the Local Government Act
and Council’s Code of Conduct)


5          Election of Chairperson


6          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                         Page

             Minutes of 15 June 2016 LRAC Leichhardt                                                                    4

7          Staff Reports



Staff Reports

ITEM                                                                                                                                    PAGE #


LL0816 Item 1     Summary of Resolutions                                                                              7

LL0816 Item 2     Shields Playground - Proposed Netball Courts                                         108

LL0816 Item 3     LPAC Olympic Pool Starting Blocks                                                        112

LL0816 Item 4     Chemical Risk Assessment of Glyphosate Pesticide                               114

LL0816 Item 5     Affordable Housing over Hay Street Car Park, Leichhardt                      121

LL0816 Item 6     Alfred Street, Rozelle - Traffic Calming Report                                        130

LL0816 Item 7     No Sewerage Outlets for Sydney Harbour                                               133

LL0816 Item 8     Restaurant/Café at 107 Elliott Street, Balmain                                         137

LL0816 Item 9     Elkington Park Cottage, Balmain - Possible Conversion to Cafe             188

LL0816 Item 10   Open Space and Recreation Developer Contributions Plan Interim Update (2016)      273

LL0816 Item 11   Responses from Councils on Active Support for Yes Campaign if a Plebiscite is Held     275   

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Local Representation Advisory Committee Leichhardt

2 August 2016


Minutes of Local Representation Advisory Committee (Leichhardt)

held at Leichhardt Service Centre on Wednesday 15 June 2016


The meeting commenced at 6.30pm.


Members:                   Mr Frank Breen
Mr John Stamolis
Mr Darcy Byrne
Mr  John Jobling 
Ms Michele McKenzie
Ms Vera-Ann Hannaford
Ms Linda Kelly
Mr Tony Costantino 
Mr Simon Emsley

Other Attendees:      Richard Pearson         Administrator

                                    Vanessa Chan            Interim General Manager

Matthew Phillips          Director Corporate & Information Services, Leichhardt

Nellette Kettle              Director Corporate & Community Services, Ashfield

Peter Gainsford          Director Infrastructure & Service Delivery, Leichhardt

                                    Simone Schwarz        Director Community Services, Marrickville

Erla Ronan                  Group Manager Community & Cultural Services, Leichhardt

                                    Darryl Watkins                        Policy Advisor, KJA

Ian Naylor                   Manager Governance & Administration, Leichhardt

                                    Popy Mourgelas          Manager Corporate Governance, Ashfield

                                    Tanya Whitmarsh       Manager, Governance & Risk, Marrickville

Helen Tola                   Manager Customer Service & Corporate Planning, Leichhardt

                                    Rad Miladinovic          Coordinator, Governance & Administration, Leichhardt

                                    Ken Welsh                   Transport Planner, Leichhardt

                                    Katerina Maros           Governance Officer, Leichhardt


1.         Welcome by Administrator


2.         Acknowledgement of Country


3.         Apologies:       Nil.


4.         Disclosures of Interest:       Nil.


5.         Election of Chairperson: 

Nomination: Byrne/Kelly

That Chairperson for the inaugural Leichhardt LRAC be Darcy Byrne and for future LRAC meetings the chairperson be nominated at the commencement of each meeting, rotated in alphabetical order and by decision of the member as to whether they wish to Chair the meeting accordingly.



Darcy Byrne was appointed as Chairperson by majority vote for this meeting.


6.         Items for consideration by LRAC

Item 1 - Terms of Reference for Local Representation Advisory Committees

Recommendation                   BYRNE/KELLY

1.    That the Terms of Reference for the Local Representation Advisory Committees be noted and the following feedback be provided to the Administrator:-


·         That meetings be conducted under procedures of the former Leichhardt Council Code of Meeting practice.


·         That Clause 6 of the Terms of Reference be amended to specify that Committee Members are not permitted to speak to the media on behalf of Council rather than not permitted to speak to the media.

·         That the LRAC business paper agenda include the item 'Questions on Notice' from committee members. 

·         That the agenda be provided three working days prior to a meeting.

·         That the meeting time be 6.30pm to 9.30pm with an extension of 30 minutes as agreed. 

·         That LRAC agendas be publicly advertised on the website prior to the LRAC meeting.

2.    That the Administrator consider holding the Leichhardt LRAC on a Tuesday evening.

3.    That the LRAC and Ordinary Council business papers include a summary of resolutions of previous Council resolutions and all business moved at LRAC and Ordinary Council Meetings of the new Inner West Council.



Item 2 - Ratifying Council’s Position on Westconnex

Recommendation                   BYRNE/JOBLING

That the Local Representation Advisory Committee supported the following motions the Administrator is proposing to move at the next Council Meeting:


1.    Inner West Council formally adopts a position of continued opposition in the strongest terms to the WestConnex project, both approved and future stages, consistent with the positions of the former councils of Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville.

2.    Council establishes a central WestConnex Response Unit to coordinate Council responses to resident concerns regarding impacts associated with the construction of approved stages of WestConnex, as well as submissions and representations on future stages.

3.    Council continues to press the immediate need for the Department of Planning and Environment to fund and establish a dedicated WestConnex compliance officer in the local area to respond promptly to resident issues.

4.    Council establish a regular bi-monthly forum chaired by the Administrator with representatives of all the inner west WestConnex resident action groups to discuss concerns with the project and opportunities for their resolution.

5.    A report from staff be brought forward to the next meeting of Council outlining a community engagement plan to elicit views of the broader community with regards to ways the Council can assist them with concerns regarding WestConnex.

6.    A report from staff be brought forward to the next meeting of Council which summarises the outstanding resolutions of the previous Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils regarding WestConnex and action to be taken to implement.

7.    That a combined meeting of the LRACs be convened and that one of the issues to be further discussed at the combined meeting is Inner West Council's position on WestConnex.



Item 3 - Draft Operational Plan and Budget 2016-17

Recommendation                   STAMOLIS/BREEN

1.    That the Local Representation Advisory Committee(s) note the Inner West Council Draft Operational Plan and Budget 2016-17, including Fees and Charges, noting that the document is on public exhibition until Thursday, 30 June 2016.

2.    That a quarterly budget review be reported to the LRACs.

3.    That a quarterly review of progress on major infrastructure project be reported to LRACs.



Item 4 - 2016 Grants and Local Representation Advisory Committee

Recommendation                   BYRNE/KELLY

That the LRACs note the 2016 Inner West Grants program and the following feedback be provided to the Administrator:-


·         That the commencement of grant applications be deferred until the draft criteria can be reported back to the LRACs.

·         That representations be made to the State Government to request that the $1m community grant funding be in addition to the $15m Stronger Community Funds already allocated to Council.


Item 5 - Lilyfield Road Regional Bike Route Separated Cycleway Design

Recommendation                   JOBLING/ HANNAFORD

That the report be received and noted.




Item 6 - WestConnex Status 

Recommendation                   KELLY/BYRNE


1.    That Council staff continue to liaise with the Sydney Motorway Corporation in an effort to minimise impacts of WestConnex Stage 3 on local residents and businesses.


2.    That all new information on WestConnex as received be reported to the following LRAC meeting.




The meeting concluded at 8:15pm.