Local Representation Advisory Committee Leichhardt

2 August 2016



Minutes of Local Representation Advisory Committee (Leichhardt)

held at Leichhardt Service Centre on Tuesday 2 August 2016


The meeting commenced at 6.30pm.





Frank Breen

John Jobling

Michele McKenzie

Vera-Ann Hannaford

Linda Kelly

Tony Costantino

Simon Emsley

John Stamolis




Other Attendees:      Richard Pearson                 Administrator

Vanessa Chan                     Interim General Manager

Peter Gainsford                    Director Major Projects & Engineering

Phil Sarin                                        Director Planning & Environment

Cathy Edwards-Davis         Director Public Works

Helen Tola                            Manager Customer Service & Corporate Planning, Leichhardt

Lyn Gerathy                         Manager Property and Commercial Services, Leichhardt

Ian Naylor                             Manager Governance & Administration, Leichhardt

                                      Katerina Maros                              Governance Officer, Leichhardt



1.      Welcome by Administrator


2.      Acknowledgement of Country


3.      Apologies

          That apologies be granted for the absence of Darcy Byrne.


4.      Disclosures of Interest (Section 451 of the Local Government Act and Council’s Code of Conduct)



5.      Election of Chairperson

          Frank Breen was elected Chairperson of this meeting.


6.      Confirmation of Minutes           Linda Kelly/ John Jobling

That the minutes of 15 June 2016 LRAC Leichhardt be confirmed as a true and accurate record of that meeting.




7.      Items for consideration by LRAC


LL0816 Item 1  Summary of Resolutions

7:03pm: John Stamolis entered the meeting during discussion on Item 1.


Recommendation:     Kelly/ Breen


THAT the report be received and noted.





Matter Arising


Recommendation:     Emsley / Kelly


1.      That Point 6  C118/16 (Heritage Council Recommendation of Refusal for Callan Park Skate Park) from the 22nd March 2016 Leichhardt Council Ordinary Meeting be actioned which involved a  demonstration in Callan Park be organised by Council. 


2.      That Point 6  C118/16  (Heritage Council Recommendation of Refusal for Callan Park Skate Park) from the 22nd March 2016 Leichhardt Council Ordinary Meeting be deferred until Council have met again with OEH about an alternative site.





During discussion of this item the following amendment was moved by McKenzie/ Hannaford and voted on. The amendment was carried and incorporated in the above motion as point 2.


McKenzie /  Hannaford


That Point 6  C118/16  (Heritage Council Recommendation of Refusal for Callan Park Skate Park) from the 22nd March 2016 Leichhardt Council Ordinary Meeting be deferred until Council have met again with OEH about an alternative site.




Matter Arising


Recommendation:     Emsley / Kelly


That Points 1 & 2 of C232/16P (Bays Precinct Affordable Housing Study and Joint Campaign) of the 10 May 2016 Leichhardt Council Policy Meeting be actioned immediately.




Matter Arising


Recommendation:     Stamolis / Hannaford


That the Joint LRAC and the public (if possible) receive a briefing on the Greater Sydney Commission and their current planning works and activities. 




Matter Arising


Recommendation: Breen/ Emsley


That Council;


1.      following consultation with the Joint LRAC resolve to move to 100% non-fossil fuel in line with the former Leichhardt Council’s resolution; and 


2.      develop a comprehensive ethical investment policy that takes into account environmental, social and equity matters in determining its investments.




LL0816 Item 2  Shields Playground - Proposed Netball Courts

Recommendation:     Kelly/ Jobling


THAT LRAC note the following recommendations:


1.      the Leichhardt Representation Advisory Committee note Council officers' advice on the suitability of an alternative site for netball court provision in the northern section of Richard Murden Reserve;

2.      work on the preparation of a Development Application for netball courts and public amenities at Shields Playground is put on hold, pending the development of new concept plans and community engagement;

3.      local residents and netball clubs in both Ashfield and Leichhardt are consulted and updated on the alternative option; and


4.    the progress of the project be undertaken on the basis that the former Leichhardt LGA netball clubs  that were to be provided access be given priority.





LL0816 Item 3  LPAC Olympic Pool Starting Blocks

Recommendation: Kelly/ Jobling


That LRAC reaffirms the position of the former Leichhardt Council resolution  C123/16 of 22 March 2016 Ordinary Meeting as shown below; 


1.   That Council re-engage with the community on the revision of the current LPAC Masterplan and its current relevance including staging of the works;


2.   That Council note that specialist consultants will need to be engaged during this process and these costs. These costs will be funded through existing budgets;


3.   That a further report is presented to the December 2016 Ordinary Council meeting to approve the new Masterplan for LPAC.


4.   That Council proceed with upgrading the starting blocks in the LPAC Olympic pool this winter and allocate funding in the 2016/17 budget, and Council officers report back on options prior to commencing the works. 




During consideration of Item 3, a Foreshadowed Motion was moved by Stamolis/ Costantino. As the Primary Motion was adopted when put to the vote, the Foreshadowed Motion was not voted on but is shown below for the record


Foreshadowed Motion


Recommendation:  Stamolis / Costantino


THAT LRAC note that the removal of the existing concrete starting blocks and replacement with new Antiwave starting platforms is considered in the early phase of the LPAC Masterplan works.



LL0816 Item 4  Chemical Risk Assessment of Glyphosate Pesticide

Recommendation:     Kelly/ Stamolis


THAT LRAC receives and notes the report. 




During consideration of this Item, a Foreshadowed Motion was moved by Jobling/ Hannaford. As the Primary Motion was adopted when put to the vote, the Foreshadowed Motion was not voted on but is shown below for the record


Foreshadowed Motion:


Recommendation:  Jobling/  Hannaford 


That LRAC notes the following recommendation:


That Council continue to use pesticide formulations containing glyphosate in accordance with the label instructions for weed control, and the Integrated Weed Management Strategy, and the notification and reporting in accordance with the Pesticide Notification Plan.



Matter Arising


Recommendation:     Emsley/ Kelly


That a Committee system for the new council be established as soon as possible.





LL0816 Item 5  Affordable Housing over Hay Street Car Park, Leichhardt

Recommendation: Emsley/ Stamolis


THAT LRAC note the following recommendations proposed to be put to Council; 


1.      That the report be received and noted.


2.      That Council pursue the acquisition of Lot 3 DP227326 from Ausgrid subject to the price being reasonable (as determined by an independent valuation), noting        that a new kiosk substation will be included elsewhere on the car park site as    part of the affordable housing development.


3.      That Council enter into discussions with owners of properties fronting        Parramatta Road and adjacent to the car park about the possibility of granting      rights of way, for market value to those properties, provided that this does not         adversely affect the proposed affordable housing development on the Hay    Street car park. 


4.      That Council apply for possessory title of the strip of land known as Chancery    Lane which is incorporated into the car park.




Matter Arising


Recommendation:     Emsley/ McKenzie


That Council write to the relevant State Government Minister to urge that Councils be involved in any future discussions on state funds to be dispersed for affordable housing.





Recommendation: Jobling / McKenzie


THAT LRAC note the following recommendations:


1.   That radar speed display units be installed in Alfred Street, Rozelle, between Gordon Street and Denison Street facing eastbound and westbound traffic for a 6-month period and the results be reported back to the Traffic Committee.


2.   That Council notifies residents that "SLOW DOWN IN MY STREET" stickers will be affixed to waste bins of every second property in association with the above radar speed display units.

3.      That the affected residents be notified of Council's resolution.




LL0816 Item 7  No Sewerage Outlets for Sydney Harbour

Recommendation:     Jobling / Costantino


THAT LRAC note the following recommendation:


Council adopt a policy position of opposing the direct discharge of sewerage to stormwater networks or the harbor, and actively support the Sydney Coastal Councils Group and the Parramatta River Catchment Group in their efforts to influence Sydney Water’s policy and practices.





LL0816 Item 8  Restaurant/Café at 107 Elliott Street, Balmain

Recommendation:     Jobling/ Stamolis


THAT LRAC note the following recommendations proposed to be put to Council;


1.         That Council terminate its current lease from Roads and Maritime Services (“RMS”) of lot 26 DP850832 being part of the site known as 107 Elliott Street, Balmain.


2.         That Council prepare and lodge a development application for demolition of the current restaurant building and terrace.


3.         That Council seek a new licence from RMS at its minimum licence fee of lot 26 DP850832 for public open space to connect Paringa Reserve and the proposed open space to be dedicated at 102 Elliott Street.


4.         That Council lodge an Application for PRE-DA advice for construction of a replacement café/restaurant on Council land only, with outdoor seating on RMS’ land, and use of the new structure as a licensed café/restaurant (noting that concept plans and supporting reports have already been obtained). 


5.      That Council then receive a further report.






LL0816 Item 9  Elkington Park Cottage, Balmain - Possible Conversion to Cafe

Recommendation: Breen / Costantino


THAT LRAC note the following recommendations:


1.      That the Report be received and noted.


2.      That the results of the first round of community consultation be placed on the website, with the Parking and Traffic Impact Assessment and other supporting documents, and that Council advise this to all who completed a survey or made a submission.


3.      That investigation of this project be pursued further by:

·         exhibiting an amended Plan of Management for Elkington Park which more expressly allows the adaptive re-use and for the cottage to be leased for a café,once the LEP is amended – with the draft brought to LRAC prior to exhibition;

·         preparing and lodging a Pre-DA application to establish acceptability of the proposed work and the chair numbers and hours of operation, with the Pre-DA supported by the concept plans, a Conservation Management Plan, Heritage Impact Statement, Accessibility Report, Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment and Noise Impact Assessments; and

·         finalising the Business Plan.


4.      That further information be brought to Council on the potentials of the café operating as a social enterprise providing employment pathways of the disadvantaged.





LL0816 Item 10          Open Space and Recreation Developer     Contributions Plan Interim Update (2016)

Recommendation:     Kelly/ Costantino


THAT the report be received and noted.





LL0816 Item 11          Responses from Councils on active support for          yes campaign if a plebiscite is held

Recommendation:     Hannaford / Stamolis




1. the LRAC note the report.


2. the former Leichhardt LGBTQI Committee also be consulted.


3. the former Leichhardt Council Marriage Equality Proclamation also be discussed at the  next Joint LRAC.







Meeting closed at 8.50pm.