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Distributed on 27 September 2016










Council Meeting






Council Meeting

27 September 2016








The following report appears as a late item with the Administrator’s approval as information required for the preparation of the report was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.



1          Administrator’s Minutes



C0916 Item 31    Administrator's Minute: Westconnex Mid Tunnel Construction Sites In Liechhardt          3


Council Meeting

27 September 2016


Item No:         C0916 Item 31

Subject:         Administrator's Minute: WestConnex Mid Tunnel Construction Sites in Liechhardt  

File Ref:         16/4718/111007.16         

From Richard Pearson, Administrator   





THAT Council:


1.       strongly opposes the use of any green spaces, ovals or parks within the Inner West Council area by the WestConnex project for a mid-tunnel construction site; and


2.       strongly opposes the use of 7 Darley Road or Blackmore Oval as a mid-tunnel construction site in light of the likely significant adverse impacts on local environmental amenity, accessibility into and out of Leichhardt and Lilyfield via the City West Link, Darley Road and James Street and traffic congestion that would be created by the significant number of truck movements that such a site would generate;


3.       commits funds and resources to undertake an assessment of the impact of the proposal and/or concept design when information is provided by SMC; 


4.       notes that Council has written to SMC regarding the likely impacts from mid tunnel construction sites at Darley Road or Blackmore Oval and the need for substantive information to be immediately provided to Council and the community; and


5.       requests that SMC refrain from releasing any concept design without providing for an adequate review period that does not include December or January so that the community are not disadvantaged by having to respond to such design during the holiday period or early in the New Year.







Having become aware that SMC intends to select a mid tunnel construction site between Haberfield and Rozelle and that 7 Darley Road and Blackmore Oval may be under consideration, Council shares the concerns of the community over the potential loss of green space and the impact on access in and out of Leichhardt and Lilyfield via the City West Link, Darley Road and James Street.


Council notes that Leichhardt Against WestConnex (LAW) held a community rally attended by at least 300 people on 24th September where concerns over SMC’s plans were expressed and the attendees called on the State Government and SMC to make their plans clear to the community without further delay.