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Implementation Advisory Group Meeting

9 February 2017



Minutes of Implementation Advisory Group Meeting

held at Leichhardt Service Centre on Thursday 9 February 2017


The meeting commenced at 6:25pm.



·      Lucille McKenna OAM

·      Alex Lofts


·      Darcy Byrne

·      Vera-Ann Hannaford (apology)


·      Sam Iskandar

·      Rosana Tyler (apology)



Other Attendees:


·      Richard Pearson , Administrator                            

·      Rik Hart, Interim General Manager                                 

·      Peter Gainsford, Deputy General Manager Assets and Environment

·      John Warburton, Deputy General Manager Community and Engagement

·      Michael Tzimoulas, Deputy General Manager Chief Financial and Administration Officer

·      Nellette Kettle, Group Manager Integration, Customer Service and Business Excellence

·      Rad Miladinovic, Coordinator Governance and Administration (Minute Taker)


1.    Welcome by Administrator


2.    Acknowledgement of Country


3.    Apologies:    Vera-Ann Hannaford and Rosana Tyler


4.    Disclosures of Interest:  Nil


5.    Election of Chairperson:  Darcy Byrne was appointed as Chairperson for this meeting.


6.    Confirmation of Minutes:      McKenna / Lofts  


THAT the Minutes of the Implementation Advisory Group held on Thursday 8 December 2016 be confirmed.




7.    IAG0217 Item 1:              Integration and Innovation Plan - Monthly Update

Recommendation:      Iskandar / Byrne


THAT the report be received and noted.




8:      Ashfield Pool briefing:  IAG members received a verbal update from the Deputy General Manager Assets and Environment.


9:      TechnologyOne Presentation:  IAG members received a presentation from Technology One representatives.


10:    Organisational Structure Update:  IAG members received a verbal update from the Executive Team.


11:    Co-location Options:  IAG members received a verbal update from the Executive Team.



Meeting closed at 9.02pm.