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Implementation Advisory Group

3 August 2017



Minutes of Meeting


Meeting commenced at 6:35 pm




·      Lucille McKenna OAM

·      Alex Lofts


·      Darcy Byrne

·      Vera-Ann Hannaford


·      Sam Iskandar

·      Rosana Tyler


Other Attendees:


·      Richard Pearson, Administrator

·      Rik Hart, Interim General Manager

·      Peter Gainsford, Deputy General Manager Assets and Environment

·      John Warburton, Deputy General Manager Community and Engagement

·      Nellette Kettle, Group Manager Integration, Customer Service and Business Excellence

·      Tanya Whitmarsh, Group Manager Governance  (Minute Taker)




1.    Welcome by Administrator

2.    Acknowledgement of Country

3.    Apologies:  Darcy Byrne;  Sam Iskandar

4.    Disclosures of Interest:  Nil

5.    Election of Chairperson:  Rosana Tyler

6.    Confirmation of Minutes:  Tyler  / Hannaford

THAT the minutes of the Implementation Advisory Group held on Thursday 6 July 2017 be confirmed.




RECOMMENDATION:           Lofts  /  Tyler


THAT the report be received and noted.





Briefing – Election Update

The Group Manage Governance gave an update briefing on preparations for the Council election and transition to the newly elected Council.  The briefing was received and noted along with the following key points from the General Manager

·         Background on likely arrangements for the proposed Councillor retreat on 20-21 October to review progress on integrating and developing capabilities of the new Council as well as focusing on planning for its future

·         Foreshadowed recommendation that meetings of Council  continue to be convened at the Ashfield Service Centre for the remainder of 2017




Acknowledgement of Final Meeting of the IAG


Meeting participants acknowledged that the period of Council administration was nearing an end and, accordingly, that this was the final meeting of the IAG.  All members of the IAG who were present took the opportunity to express their thanks to the Administrator, General Manager and other management staff for their open and informative support of the IAG.  They noted that this approach and opportunities to develop good working relationships had contributed significantly to the success of the Group.



Meeting closed at 7:58 pm.