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Extraordinary Council Meeting

3 October 2017







1          Acknowledgement of Country


2          Notice of Live Streaming of Council Meeting


3          Disclosures of Interest (Section 451 of the Local Government Act
and Council’s Code of Conduct)


4          Items of Business


Councillors Da Cruz, Hesse, Kiat, Porteous and Steer requested that an Extraordinary Council meeting be held to consider the following motions:


Motion 1:


Inner West Council is currently preparing its submission on the WestConnex Stage 3 M4-M5 Link which is due to be lodged on October 16. It is critical that council urgently engages all experts to provide the detailed and considered assessment of Stage 3 that the community expects from council. This includes (this list not being exclusive) consultants with expertise in traffic modelling, tunnel engineering, health and safety, air pollution, cost-benefit and environment and planning expertise.


That council directs the General Manager to immediately appoint of all consultants with the specialist extertise required to ensure that all aspects of the WestConnex Stage 3 M4-M5 Link proposal are fully assessed by council.These consultants to be appointed urgently by council to include (this list not be exclusive): consultants in traffic modelling and management; in tunnel engineering; in all health and safety aspects of the project;on air pollution ; on the financial case and cost-benefit analysis and environmental and planning impacts. Full assessment of the impacts on the community of the construction phase, including changes to bus stop, pedestrial and cycle routes must also be undertaken. Where there is a shortfall in funding allocated to this work, additional funding should come from property reserves.


Motion 2:


·         That Council immediately establishes a council taskforce to oversee a communications campaign aimed at stopping WestConnex from proceeding.

·         That the membership of this taskforce is all interested Councillors, relevant council staff (Communications) and representatives from all the local groups campaigning against WestConnex.

·         That an initial amount of $50,000 be allocated to appoint a communications firm to run the campaign to stop WestConnex from proceeding.


Motion 3:


That council bring that draft council submission on WestConnex Stage 2 M4-M5 Link to an open council meeting for consideration by the councillors with contribution fro mthe community on the submission sought at the meeting before it is finalised and submitted.


Motion 4:


That council commits to urgently match fund with the City of Sydney Council for $50,000 (deferred for determination to the new council) required to cover half the costs of employment (with related costs) of a full time community organiser to work under no WestConnex Public Transport Inc supervision to support and capacity build local No WestConnex groups.