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Distributed on 31 October 2017






Extraordinary Council Meeting






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Extraordinary Council Meeting

31 October 2017







The following report/s appear as late item/s with Mayoral approval as information required for the preparation of the report/s was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.



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C1017 Item 19    Mayoral Minute: Appointment of Councillor Support Staff                      3



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Extraordinary Council Meeting

31 October 2017


Item No:         C1017 Item 19

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Appointment of Councillor Support Staff  

File Ref:         17/4718

From               Mayor, Councillor Darcy Byrne   





THAT Council:


1.   That a report for administrative assistance for Councillors be prepared and consider the following:

a.   Appropriate number of Councillor support staff and the ratio of support staff to Councillors;

b.   Costs and funding associated with providing this assistance;

c.   An appropriate system of oversight and management of staff; and

d.   Selection criteria.

2.   Modify the Code of Conduct as shown:

a.   The obligation under clauses 6.2(a) and 6.2(b) is subject to the following exceptions:

i. the Mayor may direct or influence council staff that are employed by council to work in the Office of the Mayor as specified in a relevant position description, and

ii. a Councillor may direct or influence council staff that are employed by Council to work in the office of the councillor who is giving the direction or influence.





With the election of the new Inner West Councillors, we now have 15 Councillors representing approximately 12,400 residents each.


This is a significant increase from the previous Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils, where the ratio of Councillors to residents was as follows:

·    Ashfield:          1 councillor  for every 3,708 residents

·    Leichhardt:      1 councillor  for every 4,845 residents

·    Marrickville:    1 councillor  for every 6,807 residents

The resulting increase in administrative demands in terms of managing constituent requests for advocacy and information is considerable, and is impacting heavily upon all Councillors.


In order for our newly elected representatives to continue to represent their constituents effectively and efficiently, it is proposed that Council considers providing administrative assistance to aid in responding to constituent requests.


In order for such a position to be under the direction of elected Councillors, an amendment to the Code of Conduct is required. Such an amendment would reflect the practice at the City of Sydney Council which has had a similar system in place for some time.

I propose that such a modification be adopted now and placed on public exhibition while a report from Council officers on a potential system of administrative assistance be brought to the November Ordinary Meeting of Council.


I have consulted widely with all of the political groups represented on Council, and following that consultation I have prepared the following recommendation.