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Distributed on 12 March 2019






Council Meeting








Council Meeting

12 March 2019








The following report/s appear as late item/s with Mayoral approval as information required for the preparation of the report/s was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.



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C0319(1) Item 10     Mayoral Minute: Michael Carney                                                             3

C0319(1) Item 11     Mayoral Minute: Chamber of Commerce Support                                  4



Council Meeting

12 March 2019


Item No:         C0319(1) Item 10

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Michael Carney           

From:             The Mayor, Councillor Darcy Byrne   





THAT Council commend Michael Carney for his long and distinguished years of service with the SES and wish him the best in his future endeavors.




Marrickville SES has recently fare-welled long-serving Unit Commander Michael Carney after 28 years of service.


Michael has served as the Unit Commander for the past 20 of those years.


He was prompted to join the SES after a major storm in Mount Druitt, when the local SES were extremely short staffed. Wanting to make a difference to his local community, Michael volunteered to help out.


That volunteer role turned into a five year stint with Mount Druitt Unit, before his transfer to Marrickville.


As Unit Commander, Mr Carney was responsible for running all of the business operations of the Marrickville branch, and coordinating all responses to local emergencies.


His time in the SES saw him in charge during the 1999 Sydney hail storm, which saw 1,000 requests for assistance from the Marrickville SES


Michael was also instrumental in obtaining Council backing for the construction of the new Marrickville SES headquarters, and played a key role in advising during the design of the new building.


Aside from some travel plans, Michael intends to remain involved in the SES with some project work, including hopefully recreating his success by helping Mt Druitt approach Council for a rebuild of the headquarters there.








Council Meeting

12 March 2019


Item No:         C0319(1) Item 11

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Chamber of Commerce Support           

From:             The Mayor, Councillor Darcy Byrne   





THAT Council:


1.   Endorse the project between Inner West Council staff and local business chambers to establish a local business database; and

2.   Produce a report on proposals for use of the database to support business development and growth of chamber membership across the Inner West.




At my instigation, the local business chambers and associations across the Council area have begun working with Council’s Strategic Planning Economic Development Unit staff to develop a proposal to prepare a comprehensive data base of local business operators in the Inner West Local Government Area (LGA). A database of this type would be of immense help in supporting business development opportunities and growth of the Chambers of Commerce.


The chambers and associations involved are:


·    Ashfield Business Chamber

·    Balmain & Rozelle Business Chamber

·    Haberfield Business Chamber

·    Leichhardt & Annandale Business Chamber

·    Marrickville Chamber of Commerce

·    Newtown Precinct Business Association

·    Inner West Asian Business Association


The project will support business engagement on various projects and developing a better understanding of impediments to undertaking business in the Inner West. The data base will be the first of its kind for the Inner West LGA.


The project can be run by the Inner West Business Inc which is a not for profit entity that has been established as an umbrella group for all the chambers and associations in the LGA.


The Chambers will be the owner of the data base with full and free access granted to Council.


Council Officers have identified $30,000 from existing funds that can be used to contribute towards this work. The NSW Business Chamber Chamber is interested in contributing to projects that flow from the data collection, for example, destination marketing. It is anticipated that the work will be completed by the end of the current financial year.


The database will also help with stakeholder engagement during the preparation of the proposed Economic Development Strategy.