Extraordinary Council Meeting






Extraordinary Council Meeting

16 July 2019


Live Streaming of Council Meeting


In the spirit of open, accessible and transparent government, this meeting of the Inner West Council is being streamed live on Council’s website. By speaking at a Council meeting, members of the public agree to being recorded and must ensure their speech to the Council is respectful and use appropriate language. A person who uses defamatory, discriminatory or offensive language may be exposed to liability for which Council takes no responsibility. Any part of this meeting that is held in closed session will not be recorded


Pre-Registration to Speak at Council Meetings


Members of the public must register by 2pm of the day of the Meeting to speak at Council Meetings. If you wish to register to speak please fill in a Register to Speak Form, available from the Inner West Council website, including:


Are there any rules for speaking at a Council Meeting?

The following rules apply when addressing a Council meeting:


What happens after I submit the form?

Your request will then be added to a list that is shown to the Chairperson on the night of the meeting.


Where Items are deferred, Council reserves the right to defer speakers until that Item is heard on the next occasion.




Inner West Council is committed to ensuring people with a disability have equal opportunity to take part in Council and Committee Meetings. At the Ashfield Council Chambers there is a hearing loop service available to assist persons with a hearing impairment. If you have any other access or disability related participation needs and wish to know more, call 9392 5657.


Persons in the public gallery are advised that under the Local Government Act 1993, a person may NOT record a Council meeting without the permission of Council.


Any persons found recording without authority will be expelled from the meeting.


“Record” includes the use of any form of audio, video and still camera equipment or mobile phone capable of recording speech.


An audio recording of this meeting will be taken for the purpose of verifying the accuracy of the minutes.  




Extraordinary Council Meeting

16 July 2019







1          Acknowledgement of Country


2          Apologies


3          Notice of Webcasting


4          Disclosures of Interest (Section 451 of the Local Government Act
and Council’s Code of Conduct)


5          Moment of Quiet Contemplation


6          Notices of Motion


ITEM                                                                                                                                          Page


C0719(1) Item 1  Notice of Motion: Matters Concerning the General Manager                      4

Extraordinary Council Meeting

16 July 2019



Item No:         C0719(1) Item 1

Subject:         Notice of Motion: Matters Concerning the General Manager           

From:             Councillors Rochelle Porteous, Louise Steer, Tom Kiat, Colin Hesse and Marghanita Da Cruz   





THAT Council enter into confidential session to consider the recently published SA Ombudsman reports regarding the CEO as well as advice (including independent legal advice) Council has received regarding same.