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Distributed on 3 March 2020














Extraordinary Council Meeting








Extraordinary Council Meeting

3 March 2020








The following report appear as late item with Mayoral approval as information required for the preparation of the report was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.



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C0320(1) Item 20     Mayoral Minute: Richard Murden Reserve’s multipurpose courts           3



Extraordinary Council Meeting

3 March 2020


Item No:         C0320(1) Item 20

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Richard Murden Reserve’s multipurpose courts           

From:             The Mayor, Councillor Darcy Byrne   





THAT Council:


1.    Registers its strong opposition to the plans by WestConnex to seize the three recently opened multipurpose courts at Richard Murden Reserve;


2.    Insists upon receiving written notification about the acquisition proposal, including verification of the schedule of works and compensation and rectification of the facility at completion;


3.    Writes the NSW Minister for Transport and Roads seeking an urgent meeting to discuss why the plans have only been released on the eve of the 2020 netball season, to demand an alternative location for the construction site be found, and to be briefed on any impact the works maty have on Blackmore Oval;


4.    Designs a flyer to be made available to residents and the clubs potentially impacted by the plans outlining how they can lodge opposition to the plans and advocate to the State Government for an alternative location to be found; and


5.    Advises current users of the courts to continue to use the facilities until a fixed date for the commencement of any work is received by Council from WestConnex.




Council has been informed of the NSW Government’s plans to seize the courts to prepare for the M4-M5 tunnel excavation, as part of stage 3 of WestConnex.


The road builders have stated that they require access to the new courts for six months (commencing in mid-March 2020) to enable surface grouting works prior to the commencement of the M4-M5 tunnel excavation.

These courts had only been opened in August 2019, after Council invested $880,000 in their construction.

New lighting, bubblers, bike racks, paths and landscaping were also installed at the venue.


Impacted organisations affected by the closure would include the Tigers Netball Club, Haberfield Netball Club, Balmain Wolverines Netball Club, Sydney Secondary College and the Balmain PSSA.

The NSW Government’s plan to dig up these recently opened courts is a kick in the guts to the community, and especially disappointing for women and girls.


Open space and playfields are at a premium in our community. To possibly see new sporting infrastructure ripped up by the NSW Government within months of opening and being replaced with a construction site is infuriating.