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Distributed on 12 May 2020














Council Meeting







In the spirit of open, accessible and transparent government, this meeting of the Inner West Council is being streamed live on Council’s website. Any part of this meeting that is held in closed session will not be recorded.



Council Meeting

12 May 2020








The following report/s appear as late item with Mayoral approval as information required for the preparation of the report was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.



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C0520(1) Item 8  Mayoral Minute: Establishing the Inner West Recovery Taskforce             3



Council Meeting

12 May 2020


Item No:         C0520(1) Item 8

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Establishing the Inner West Recovery Taskforce           

From:             The Mayor, Councillor Darcy Byrne  





THAT Council establishes an Inner West Recovery Taskforce (IWRT), to be chaired by the Mayor, to plan and coordinate the economic recovery of the Inner West as well as maximise the local effect and delivery of State and Federal relief and stimulus measures, within the next 10 business days.

a)   An Expression of Interest for people who are interested in participating as members on the IWRT be opened and promoted through all of Council’s communication channels;

b)   That Taskforce contains a maximum of seven members and includes a representative of the Inner West Business Chamber, local business leaders from a variety of sectors;

c)   The membership of the IWRT should include a mix of economic sectors, gender balance as well as diversity in geographical locations in the LGA;

d)   The membership of the IWRT should have experiences and skill sets that extend beyond their own business interests, industries and suburbs, so that a whole of LGA approach can be taken to the economic recovery of the Inner West;

e)   The results of the EOI be reported to the June 9 Ordinary Council; and

f)    The draft IWRT terms of reference (prepared by the CEO) in Attachment 1 be noted and considered for adoption at the June 9 Ordinary Council meeting.





At the extraordinary Council Meeting on 7 April, a mayoral minute was adopted which included the proposal to establish an inner West Recovery Taskforce.

The CEO has drafted terms of reference for the Taskforce, which are tabled in Attachment 1.

In order to ensure the most effective representation on the taskforce an expression of interest process should be opened to allow people with relevant skills and experience to put themselves forward.







Terms of Reference


Council Meeting

12 May 2020




1. Background


·    The Australian economy was already under significant pressure due to the drought, bushfires, a struggling retail sector and low growth figures in Q1 & Q2 this financial year. Annual growth for Australia has hovered at the 2% mark for consecutive years.


·    Small businesses are under duress as they do not have the margins of large stores.


·    The Inner West has approximately 20,000 businesses, with 14,600 having a physical presence in the Inner West Local Government Area (LGA).


·    Covid-19 pandemic impacts every business in the LGA.


·    Significant impacts are on the service sector, population serving and tourist/visitor destinations such as Newtown, Enmore and Balmain.


·    Chambers and Associations represented by Inner West Business Inc as an umbrella group.


·    Nationally, the GDP change from 2019 Q4 to 2020 Q2 is -16%, while job change is 1.5 million (2.9 million without job keeper)


2. Purpose of the Taskforce


To plan and coordinate the economic recovery (reset) of the Inner West as well as maximise the local effect and delivery of State and Federal relief and stimulus measures;


3. Terms and activities


The Taskforce will examine the issues and outcomes of the COVID-19 impact on local businesses and identify the opportunities to help reset the local economy over a period of 18 months.


The Taskforce will provide a road map to recovery based on advice, support and information supplied from Council staff, government agencies and other key stakeholders. Actions can be reported and revised on a weekly basis as part of a business recovery/reset plan.


Members are to liaise with their respective industries to cascade relevant information and concerns.


The Taskforce should also identify the key risks to small businesses should COVID-19 or similar pandemics occur again in the future.


The Taskforce will consult with relevant Government departments such as the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources on how they can assist the recovery of the Inner West economy.


By the end of the 18-month period of the taskforce, a report will be furnished on lessons learned and a resilience plan for possible future crises shall be drafted.


Business of each meeting shall adhere to the agenda approved by the CEO. Members are invited to submit agenda items if necessary.


Decisions made by the taskforce are not binding on Council.


The taskforce will have its first meeting no later than May 31, 2020.


4.   Membership


This should be between seven and nine permanent members.


It is recommended that members should include some or all of the following:


·    CEO, who is the chair of the taskforce

·    Chair of the IWB

·    A representative of the four shopping malls located in the LGA (Marrickville Metro, Ashfield Mall, Leichhardt Marketplace, Norton Street Plaza)

·    A representative of the liquor industry (Liquor Accords or Brewers Association)

·    Night-time economy

·    Creative Arts

·    Large employer/s and/or a head office

·    State Government (Premier’s Department, Treasury, Health or Industry)

·    Economics and commerce professor/academic, University of Sydney


Council will be permitted to invite observers from select staff/professionals. Other observers can be invited to a meeting based on need or advice on specific subject matter ie finance sector.


5. Frequency of meetings


The Taskforce will meet weekly via Zoom for the initial period and may be varied at the discretion of the Chair.


6. Secretariat


Council will provide secretariat support for the taskforce. This will include any required administrative functions.


7. Voting


By simple majority vote, the chair has the casting vote. If the CEO is unable to attend, he shall delegate a representative to attend in his place


8. Budget


There is no budget allocated at this time.


Consideration will be given as to how Council and State resources, assets can assist with the recovery.