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Extraordinary Council Meeting

24 May 2016


Item No:         Item 10

Subject:         Installation of Publicly Available Defibrillator Machine at Mackey Park  

File Ref:         16/4718/57050.16         

Prepared By: Peter Montague – A/Manager Culture and Recreation, Marrickville

Authorised By: Josephine Bennett – A/Director Community Services, Marrickville




Council has been approached by Heartbeat of Football to install a publicly available defibrillator machine at Mackey Park, Marrickville.






THAT Council confirms in principle support for the installation of an automatic electronic defibrillator at Mackey Park, Marrickville.






Following the death of 9 players on sporting fields across Sydney in 2014 –15, Heartbeat of Football (HOF) is proposing to install a publicly available automatic electronic defibrillator at Mackey Park, Marrickville.


HOF is an organisation recently established by football commentator, Andy Paschalidis. The organisation has established alliances with the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, the Australian Heart Foundation and the Cardiac Survival Foundation and is seeking to partner with relevant stakeholders to implement key strategies including:


§ defibrillator rollout;

§ education, health checks and diet awareness for over 35 aged players in particular;

§ cardio pulmonary resuscitation training;

§ community events; and

§ support for families of players who have lost members on the sporting field.


HOF is proposing to pay for the installation and maintenance of a “ZapStand” automatic electronic defibrillator (AED) at Mackey Park as part of an initial rollout program across Sydney that also includes Jubilee Oval, Kogarah; Belmore Sports Ground, Belmore; Doyle Park, North Parramatta; and Cromer Park, Cromer.


The AED has built in protocols to manage use including video surveillance and a recorded intercom with emergency services to access the portable unit.


The Marrickville Recreation Policy and Strategy supports the “enrichment of the health and well-being of the Marrickville community through participation in a diverse range of recreational activities”. The installation of an AED is consistent with this aim and it is proposed that Council provide in principle support for this project, with details such as location, risk management, insurance and long term management to be resolved at an officer level.






The HOF proposes they would be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the facility while Council would be responsible for the cost of power to the unit. It is not envisaged that this will be a significant ongoing cost to Council.










The HOF advised that if the proposal is endorsed, they will engage with local sporting clubs, park users and businesses to promote the Zapstand and provide education on its use.