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Extraordinary Council Meeting

24 May 2016


Item No:         Item 7

Subject:         Incentives to Make Homes More Sustainable 

File Ref:         16/4718/57795.16        

Prepared By: Vanessa Chan – Interim General Manager 

Authorised By: Vanessa Chan – Interim General Manager




This report relates to incentives for making homes more sustainable.





THAT Council:

1.       notes the work being undertaken in Oxford Street and Myrtle Street Newtown, to create an off grid sustainable house and other shared sustainability initiatives;

2.       notes the current sustainability incentives offered by former Marrickville Council which encourage residents to reduce energy and water consumption, and the range of other financial initiatives available to residents to encourage sustainable development in other Council areas;

3.       seeks the advice of environment groups about additional sustainability incentive programs that could be introduced in Marrickville; and

4.       provides a further report with options to expand Inner West Council’s sustainability incentive programs, including the cost of introducing such programs, potential State or Federal funding support & any barriers that may exist under Council’s planning rules to implementing incentives.  






In March of this year Council staff, along with staff from the Green Living Centre, had the opportunity to tour a local resident’s off-grid house project in Oxford St Newtown.


Local sustainability coach Michael Mobbs has been working with residents to trial sustainability initiatives, working with and building on incentives offered by Council. The project is part of a wider “City Coolers” Project partnership with researchers, which aims to trial initiatives to make local streets more sustainable.


Details of the initiatives are outlined in the attached information sheets (ATTACHMENTS 1, 2 and 3). A blog has been established at www.kylieoffgrid.com.au where people can follow the progress of the project.


Local Councils across Australia offer a range of incentives to residents to encourage a reduction in water and energy use, including financial incentives including rate reductions. The attached provides an overview of financial incentives offered by former Marrickville Council and other Councils, that Council could consider introducing.









Comment from Manager Environmental Services:

Environmental Services staff support the principle that an expanded range of incentive schemes would promote increased uptake of environmentally beneficial technologies, design ideas and practices and thereby assist in achieving Council’s strategic goals such as reduced carbon emissions and increased climate change resilience.

Recommendation 3 would be achieved by adding the request for comments to the agenda for the next Environmental Committee meeting (August 2016).

Recommendation 4 would be achieved by provision of a report to Council, prepared by staff in the Environmental Services team, with input from Planning Services and the Environment Committee including:

·    research on the benefits/barriers of a range of alternative and/or additional incentive schemes,

·    associated costs,

·    available grant funding, and

·    recommendations on the implementation of select schemes.


Expected report completion date of December 2016.










Financial Incentives


Kylie's Off Grid House


Street Coolers Overview