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Distributed on 28 August 2018






Council Meeting








Council Meeting

28 August 2018








The following report/s appear as late item/s with Mayoral approval as information required for the preparation of the report/s was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.



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C0818(3) Item 23     Mayoral Minute: Henson Park Redevelopment                                       3


Council Meeting

28 August 2018


Item No:         C0818(3) Item 23

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Henson Park Redevelopment           

From:             The Mayor, Councillor Darcy Byrne   






1.   Council note the receipt of correspondence from NSW AFL and Newtown Jets confirming their incorporated Not for Profit status;

2.   Council note that given this confirmation there is no obstacle to entering into negotiations directly with Newtown Jets and NSW AFL to determine long term tenure for both entities, as is required for them to secure capital and grant contributions to the Henson Park upgrade project;

3.   Council commit to the necessary improvements required to make the Henson Park playing surface of an elite standard, noting that this may require the installation of a new irrigation system as well as resurfacing of the ground;

4.   Allocate funds from the Marrickville Hospital site VPA to cover costs of improvements to the playing surface that are not met by the grant; and

5.   Details of the leasing arrangements, including ground maintenance costs, and content of elite sport be determined through future negotiations, pending the approval of the grant application.




Following council’s previous resolution to submit a joint grant application with 

Newtown Jets and NSW AFL for funding from the Greater Sydney Sports Facility program to undertake an upgrade of Henson Park, Council officers have been working closely with both parties to prepare the application.


On 24 July Council considered Report C0718 Item 3: Henson Park – Proposed Development, which stated that:

Should the development proceed, in recognition of the substantial $4 million capital commitment invested by the Clubs, they are requesting a long term lease of the grandstand and a license over the sporting ground. Henson Park is classified as community land.  S46A(3) of the Local Government Act requires leases of community land greater than five years to be via tender unless to a not-for-profit organisation.  If the lease is going to be greater than 21 years up to the maximum of 30 years, then it will require the Minister for Local Government approval. 

Council subsequently resolved to:

4.   Seek further clarification about the not-for-profit status of the Newtown Jets, the NSW AFL and the Sydney Swans as pertains to the tender process;

Council has now received correspondence from both the Newtown Jets and NSW AFL confirming their not-for-profit status (see copies attached).

Through discussions I have convened, to coordinate the preparation of the grant application, Newtown Jets and the NSW AFL have both made clear that the following factors are prerequisites for them securing capital contributions for the project:

·      Security of tenure, for a period of longer than 5 years, is necessary to justify both their up-front contributions and their support for the grant application.

·      A commitment to improve the quality of the playing surface which has become increasingly dilapidated and not up to the required standard for professional sport (approximately $300 000 of the proposed grant are dedicated to playing surface improvements).

The grant requires a 25% funding contribution from applicants. Within the application, which council officers have drafted, the following funding commitments are included:


Council Contribution: $466,000 (existing budget allocation to necessary refurbishment and disability access works for the grandstand)


Combined Newtown Jets and NSW AFL Contribution: $500,000


NSW Government grant: $2,898,000


Total estimated project costs: $3,864,000*


*These costs include completion of the grandstand refurbishment, the new training and playing facilities as well as partial funding of improvements to the playing service.





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Council Meeting

28 August 2018




Council Meeting

28 August 2018