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Council Meeting

12 October 2021








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C1021(2) Item 6  Report on progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan (The report is the same as published in the agenda, the attachment is late)                     3


Council Meeting

12 October 2021


Item No:         C1021(2) Item 6

Subject:         Report on progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan            

Prepared By:      Prue Foreman - Communications and Engagement Manager  

Authorised By:  Caroline McLeod - Acting Director Community






THAT Council endorse the report State of the Inner West October 2021 which outlines progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan.






The attached report State of the Inner West October 2021 outlines progress against the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) during the term of the current elected council.

The CSP is the highest-level plan that a council prepares, on behalf of the community. It identifies the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future and contains strategies for achieving these goals.

It is developed and delivered as a partnership between the council, state agencies, business and industry groups, community groups and individuals, and addresses a broad range of issues that are relevant to the whole community.

Inner West’s CSP – Our Inner West 2036 was shaped by a large and diverse range of people across all age groups, geographic areas, cultures and languages. More than 7,000 people over 18 months provided input which helped to determine the vision and strategic directions of the plan which was endorsed by council in June 2018.

Our Inner West 2036 outlines five high level strategic directions that address social, environmental, economic and civic leadership issues identified by the community (commonly referred to as “the quadruple bottom line”, and high level measures to track progress.

The five strategic directions are:

1.   An ecologically sustainable Inner West

2.   Unique, liveable, networked neighbourhoods

3.   Creative communities and a strong economy

4.   Caring, happy, healthy communities

5.   Progressive local leadership

At the end of each term of the elected council, a report is prepared which demonstrates progress in implementing the CSP.

The report State of the Inner West October 2021 documents Council’s significant achievements. Through key infrastructure projects including Marrickville Library, Ashfield Aquatic Centre and Dawn Fraser Baths, innovative arts programs such as EDGE and Perfect Match, record expenditure on capital works, and major environmental initiatives including solar projects and becoming the first council in New South Wales to be 100 per cent divested from fossil fuels, Council has delivered progress against the community’s vision for Inner West.

State of the Inner West October 2021 will be published on Council’s website and included as an attachment to this year’s annual report as required under the Local Government Act.

The report will also be presented to the incoming council to inform their review of the CSP. Under the Act, following each election councils must review their CSP before 30 June the following year. The council may endorse the existing plan, endorse amendments to the existing plan, or develop and endorse a new CSP as appropriate to ensure that the area has a CSP covering at least the next 10 years.







State of the Inner West October 2021


Council Meeting

12 October 2021