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Distributed on 12 April 2022














Council Meeting








Council Meeting

12 April 2022








The following reports appear as late items as information required for the preparation of the reports was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.



1          Mayoral Minutes


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C0422(1) Item 39     Mayoral Minute: Public Forum on Uluru Statement from the Heart        3

C0422(1) Item 40     Mayoral Minute: Local Matters public forums in every suburb of the Inner West 4


Council Meeting

12 April 2022


Item No:         C0422(1) Item 39

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Public Forum on Uluru Statement from the Heart           

From:             Councillor Darcy Byrne   





That Council:


1.   Convene a Public Forum on the Uluru Statement from the Heart, inviting representatives of the From the Heart campaign to attend and help inform the Inner West community about the Statement and the proposed Referendum on incorporating a Voice to Parliament for First Nations people into the Australian constitution;


2.   Congratulate Cheree Toka on her campaign to have the Aboriginal Flag fly permanently over the Harbour Bridge and calls on the NSW Government to act immediately to implement this overdue act of recognition and respect.; and


3.   Seek to adopt a new protocol for flags raised over Council buildings in which the Aboriginal Flag takes precedence over the NSW Flag.







Council Meeting

12 April 2022


Item No:         C0422(1) Item 40

Subject:         Mayoral Minute:Local Matters public forums in every suburb of the Inner West            

From:             The Mayor, Councillor Byrne and Councillor Philippa Scott   





That Council:

1.   Note the resolution of the March Ordinary meeting:

That Council:

a)   Commits to community consultation and will develop consultation plans to encourage engagement and participation across our broad and diverse community; and

b)   Develops a consultation plan for projects of significant community interest, inclusive of public community forums attended by the Executive team, to provide whole of council approach to the project, discuss local issues, encourage open community dialogue and identify preferred solutions;


2.   Hold a rotating series of Local Matters public forums (Forum) with the General Manager, relevant Directors and Managers in attendance, in order to listen to the ideas and concerns of local residents about how their communities can be improved, the Forums:


a)   will be held each month alternating fortnightly on Tuesday evenings with Council meetings while Council sits, starting in May;


b)   Will invite all ward councillors to attend the forums specific to their ward and offer ward Councillors a role in the forums,



c)   Will be promoted widely, including via letterbox drop to the entire ward that each forum is being held in, as well as through all of Council’s other communications channels’


3.   Delegate to the General Manger to establish a method for determining the focus topic for the Forums, outlined in Clause 2 above, with the Mayor and Ward Councillors facilitating the forums, including recording the issues raised by residents and ensuring that a response is provided to the resident following the meeting;


4.   Note that the high-visibility Customer Service Stalls, referenced in the resolution of the February meeting initiating the customer service review, will also be commenced by Council’s engagement team immediately.


a)   Customer Service Stalls will be held on weekends and alternate fortnightly with the public forums;


b)   Customer Service Stalls will be held in prominent, public, outdoor locations in main streets and places where the community gathers. This can and should include at Inner West events and festivals;


c)   Stalls do not have to be organised on a ward-basis but should be focussed around place-based hubs within the LGA;


d)   Customer Service Stalls will be staffed by the community engagement and customer service teams, and in addition taking queries and feedback, will log and follow up requests;


e)   Material resourcing should include banners and information flyers to hand out;


f)    Ward Councillors are to be notified and given the opportunity to attend customer service stalls in their suburbs and wards;


g)   Council’s communication channels are to be used to promote the stalls, including the Council Newsletter, website and neighbourhood letterbox drops when appropriate;


h)   Customer Service Stalls do not have to be focused around a particular issue and should prioritise visibility engaging on citizen concerns and taking feedback; and

5.   Receive a report in December 2022 detailing the outcomes of the public forums and stalls and outlining the coming years potential dates.