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Distributed on 10 May 2022














Council Meeting








Council Meeting

10 May 2022








The following reports appear as late items as information required for the preparation of the reports was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.



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C0522(1) Item 34     Mayoral Minute: Old Balmain Leagues Club Fire                                    3

C0522(1) Item 35     Mayoral Minute: Master Plan for the Upgrade of Leichhardt Oval          5




Council Meeting

10 May 2022


Item No:         C0522(1) Item 34

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Old Balmain Leagues Club Fire           

From:             Councillor Darcy Byrne   





That Council:


1.    Notes that responsibility for the Balmain Leagues Club site rests with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) who have failed the residents of the Inner West in their duty to ensure the site is safe, resulting in the fire of the afternoon of 7th May 2022;


2.    Calls upon TfNSW to step up to its responsibility, secure the site, manage the ongoing aftermath of the fire and demolish the derelict building;


3.    Calls upon the NSW Government to declare their intentions for the use of the site one way or another; and


4.   Pending staff advice, proceed with issuing a demolition order for the derelict building if the Government fails to act.






On Saturday 7 May 2022 a fire broke out at the old Balmain Leagues Club site, and early reports suggest it was deliberately lit.


Compliance staff attended the site and observed fire damage to a section of the roof and internal section that adjoins a small dead-end access that is used by businesses situated on Darling Street Rozelle. The internals appear to have concrete pylons installed. The Victoria Road frontage had been cordoned off from public access.


There was further area of fire damage seen in the area that could be best described as between the Leagues Club and 7 Eleven on Victoria Road. However, this area of the building is recessed back from the public footway with a hoarding constructed. 


The rear section of the club fronting Waterloo Street did not reflect signs of fire damage.


Information from the Police on site confirmed a crime scene had been established and a structural engineer has been engaged to inspect and report on the integrity of the building.


As of 10 May 2022, Council is waiting to receive a final copy of the structural engineer’s report.


The site is owned by Grand Rozelle Pty Ltd, however In May 2021 TfNSW submitted a Proposed Acquisition Notice (PAN), in order to utilise the property as a dive site for the Western Harbour Tunnel Development.


The acquisition is a construction lease for seven years and commenced on 1 October 2021 via notification in the NSW Government Gazette.



This construction lease allows for TfNSW to demolish all buildings, structures and services and indemnifies the owner for any claims which may arise during the exclusive occupation of the site.


Council has long held concerns over the safety and security of the site, with Officers investigating multiple complaints of unauthorised entry (trespassing) over many years and have worked with the local police in our best efforts to ensure site security and the safety of the community. 


However, without ongoing responsibility for the site by TfNSW, subsequent breaches to the perimeter of the site led to the circumstances of the fire on the weekend.


Council has a statutory responsibility to protect its community. As a result of this fire at the site, there is community concern that something needs to be done. The structural engineer confirms this. The building clearly needs to be demolished. As TfNSW has exclusive occupation of that site, is responsible for the building and in doing so indemnifies the owner under the lease, the responsibility for demolition rests solely with TfNSW.


If it is the case that TfNSW will not proceed to demolish the building forthwith, as permitted under the Lease, then it is open to Council to issue a Demolition Order on the owner whereby TfNSW will be ultimately responsible for the demolition.







Council Meeting

10 May 2022


Item No:         C0522(1) Item 35

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Master Plan for the Upgrade of Leichhardt Oval            

From:             Councillor Darcy Byrne   







1.    Council begins work on formulating a Master Plan for the upgrading and renovation of facilities at Leichhardt Oval in anticipation of an expected significant NSW Government financial contribution;


2.    The Master Plan preserve and protect the heritage of the ground, including the Wayne Pearce Hill, while providing the modern seating and facilities the ground desperately needs; and


3.    The Master Plan is to include consideration of the following:


·    The ground hosts a minimum of six Wests Tigers home games a year;


·    A major new grandstand providing modern seating for professional sport;


·    A Museum of Inner West Rugby League;


·    Modern amenities including new change rooms, toilets, food outlets and screens;


·    New function facilities;


·    Improved parking;


·    Opening the ground up to the public as a community centre during the week; and


·    An upgrade of the adjoining Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre providing improved gym, rehabilitation and aquatic facilities for users of Leichhardt Oval and the community.




The NRL, via its chairman, Peter V’landys, recently declared that the agreement the NRL previously had with the NSW Government to retain the NRL Grand Final in Sydney into the future, had become null and void following the Government’s refusal to fund upgrades to suburban grounds, including Leichhardt Oval.


There have been several recent media reports that the NSW Government has now resolved this impasse by coming to an agreement with the NRL to commit this long-overdue funding to the upgrading of suburban grounds


The NRL have remained consistent in their position that Leichhardt Oval must be included among the grounds slated for the upgrades.


Given our decade-long fight for this much needed upgrade, it is important that we hit the ground running if the funding announcement is made.