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Distributed on 27 September 2016










Council Meeting






Council Meeting

27 September 2016








The following report appears as a late item with the Administrator’s approval as information required for the preparation of the report was not available at the time of distribution of the Business Paper.




1          Staff Reports


C0916 Item 30

Senior Staff Structure






Council Meeting

27 September 2016


Item No:         C0916 Item 30

Subject:         Senior Staff Structure  

File Ref:         16/4718/110464.16         

Prepared By: Graham Carnegie - Manager Employee Services, Leichhardt  

Authorised By: Rik Hart - Interim General Manager



The purpose of this report is to formalise the consultation with Council and to have the new Senior Staff structure, reporting lines and resources approved.





THAT Council approves the senior staff positions (3 Deputy General Managers) within the organisational structure shown in Attachment 1, the respective roles and reporting lines and resources allocated towards the employment of senior staff, as outlined in this report.






It is proposed to introduce the following Senior Staff positions, reporting to the General Manager within the Organisational Structure, as shown in Attachment 1 and as below:-

·    Deputy General Manager, Assets and Environment;

·    Deputy General Manager, Community and Engagement; and

·    Deputy General Manager, Chief Financial and Administration Officer.


Section 332 of the Local Government Act 1993, now requires:-

“(1)  A council must, after consulting the general manager, determine the following:

(a) the senior staff positions within the organisation structure of the council,

(b) the roles and reporting lines (for other senior staff) of holders of senior staff positions,

(c) the resources to be allocated towards the employment of staff”.


The Interim General Manager has held mass meetings of the majority of staff indoor and outdoor, outlining his proposal and this has been met with a positive response. In addition Council has in accordance with the Local Government (State) Award, 2014 consulted with the Staff Consultative Committee and the respective Unions and they have endorsed the three Deputy General Manager positions and the advertising of such.




The 3 Deputy General Managers (Senior Officers) will replace the previous 10 Director roles including 7 contracted Senior Officers positions of the former Councils.  Whilst some of these may be reflected in the Group Manager roles, in essence there is a significant reduction in Senior Officer roles.  They will be paid market rates of pay and Council will consulted on the appointments.




This approval and move to a permanent structure will bring certainty and confidence to staff. It will bring to an end a period of uncertainty which has had some effect on the morale of staff.  Furthermore, it will allow the Inner West Council to make a strong start on the process of integration of the three former Councils to the new council. 






Senior Staff Structure


Council Meeting

27 September 2016