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Distributed on 26 March 2019






Council Meeting








Council Meeting

26 March 2019






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C0319(2) Item 15     Mayoral Minute: Portuguese Precinct                                                      3




Item No:         C0319(2) Item 15

Subject:         Mayoral Minute: Portuguese Precinct           

From:             The Mayor, Councillor Darcy Byrne   





THAT Council:


1.    Note the long standing relationship between the Inner West community and the people of Portugal, as outlined in Council’s Friendship Agreement;


2.    Welcome the proposal by the Consulado Geral to name the precinct as Portuguese Town; and


3.    Consult with the local Portuguese and Petersham community and businesses regarding:

·         An appropriate geographic area for a Portuguese precinct in Petersham

·         Whether Portuguese Town is an appropriate name for the precinct.




The Inner West has a long-established and very close bond with the people of Portugal. This relationship is reflected in the concentration of Portuguese businesses and peoples in the Petersham area.


The Portuguese tradition in the area is very strong, as shown by the successful Bairro Portugues Festival which was held this year on 10 March, and broadcast around the world via a live cross from Portugal’s biggest and most popular news and current affairs show.


On 27 February 2018 Council resolved to sign a Friendship Agreement with Portugal. This agreement was signed on the day of the Bairro Portugues festival in 2018.


This Friendship agreement was followed by an agreement on community collaboration, resolved in August 2018, which included development of an Institutional Co-operation plan, and incorporation of Portuguese art and design motifs in developments in the area.


ON 5 February Council resolved to accept the Portuguese Community Collaboration Protocols, and to explore, among other things, the potential renaming of a street in Petersham to reflect the close relationship.


In subsequent discussions with the Consulado Geral de Portugal in Sydney, it was determined that a more appropriate course of action would be to name a precinct area in Petersham in honour of Portugal. This would cause less disruption to mailing addresses along the street, and also provide more prominent recognition.


In On 28 February I received a letter from the Consulado Geral de Portugal in Sydney, welcoming this suggestion.




Letter Consulado Geral de Portugal


Council Meeting

26 March 2019